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buy_now_button_3.png Tailored Sheepskin Care Seat Covers for the Ultimate in Driving Comfort

Driving comfort is always important. Whether you’re travelling long distances or just around town, a quality sheepskin car seat coverwill greatly improve your enjoyment of the journey.


7 Great Reasons to buy sheepskin seat covers online from Mercedes:

  1. Hand tailored for a superb fit.
  2. Hidden seams for enhanced appearance.
  3. Secured to your seats by hidden straps.
  4. Heavy duty stitching for alonger life.
  5. Hand selected pelts for perfect colour matching.
  6. A no-questions-asked 5 year money back guarantee.



Quality and a Guarantee 

Mercedes Sheepskin Products car seat covers are made from the highest quality Merino sheep skins. Our products are of such a high quality thatthey come with an unconditional 5 year guarantee. Try asking a shop front retailer for a 5 year guarantee!


Suitable for car seats with side impact air bags

Our tailored sheepskin car seat covers work with the latest airbag technology. The seat covers have an airbag seam in the side that allows the air bag to deploy perfectly in the event of an accident. If required, please request airbag seams when placing your order at an extra cost of $25/pair.


Buy sheepskin car seat covers online 

We make buying new car seat covers easy.You can choose from three levels of thickness – including 18mm, 22mm & 25mm thickness – for your front seat covers. The thicker the cover,the longer lastingit will be.  



Features include:

  • Acrylic fur backs and seat borders.
  • They come with our unconditional 5 year guarantee.
  • Visit our online store for up to date pricing and purchase options

Rear seats and front bench seats

Rear seat covers and front bench seat covers are available. Please ring or email for a quotation.

Fully Tailored Sheepskin Car Seat Covers – No Acrylic Fur. Ring for QuotationToday.



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